IBIS House - for rent

House in Nubian style with domed ceilings located at the Fadiya Canal in a very quiet street.

The house has at ground floor kitchen, bathroom, living room and 2 bedrooms. Next floor has living room with TV, bathroom and 2 bedrooms.
The house is fully equipped and the kitchen has cooker, big refrigerator, washing machine and other things you need for cooking.
Both bathrooms have shower and bath tub. Of course the house has hot and cold water and is provided with linen and towels.
There is space for a parking place and a small garden and a terrace with a beautiful view to the area.

The house is situated on the \"West Bank\" of Luxor, where you also find most of the archaeological monuments (Valley of the Kings, Temple of Hatshepsut, and Colossi of Memnon), an ideal starting place for excursions, desert Safari and trips by feet, bicycle and horse.

The house is close to Lagalta village. Thus, you stay with the real Egyptians, taking part in their daily lives. Very close by you have shops with your everyday needs. There are always fresh fruit and vegetables on offer, and several coffee houses, as well as a restaurant, are within close walking distance, and you also have service cars at a close distance.

It will be a pleasure to help you with your daily needs or taxi for round trip in the area.

Suitable for long-term rental.

Price: 600 Euro per month




Rent a Flat at Luxor Westbank/Ramla

Rent an apartment for free and flexible holidays
pleasurable living with great views of the Nile to Luxor Temple
in Luxor West Bank, Ramla / El Gezira

Individually well appointed apartment in a three-storey house is in the first floor, with a floor space of 140 m².

- 2 bedrooms (1x double bed, 1x with two single beds)
- The double bedroom with en-suite bathroom (shower / toilet)
- 1 fully tiled bathroom with separate toilet / shower
- Spacious living and dining area
- Fully equipped kitchen
   with furniture, stove, refrigerator, washing machine
- Balconies in all rooms
- Use of garden and roof terrace for all homes

Equipment including:
SAT-TV, air conditioning in the bedrooms,
Fans in all rooms.

PRICE 250 per week
Payment in cash on arrival
With over 3 weeks and stay for long term rental we negotiate individually.

This three-storey house is beautifully situated in Ramla, the popular area on the Nile.
The extensive roof terrace offering fantastic views across the Nile to Luxor and the quiet nature of the mountain chain of Thebes.
With plenty of seating and all the decorative accents, it enables all residents of the building time to feel comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.
The small garden also invites you to relax.





Individual Villa in a quiet location in Luxor - Habu overlooking the mountains, near the famous temple of Medinet Habu and the historic sites to those mountains of Thebes.

Built in typical Egyptian Dome Construction:
The ceiling vaults of all the rooms are individually decorated;
as all the walls were decorated with different decorations Nubian.
Especially the high stairs to a large roof area is really impressive!

Garden and patios in front of the entrance and behind the house;
Small Street at the main and back entrance.
The property is surrounded by a wall.

The entire property is 780 m².


Ground floor:             2 bedrooms, each with a bathroom
                                       2 living rooms (or 1 for a dining room)
                                       big kitchen
                                       1 separate bathroom (accessible from the corridor)

Roof:                             2 rooms, each with a bathroom
                                       1 separate bathroom (available from the terrace)
                                       big free place at the roof


The ground of the house has    12 x 20 m                                 = ca. 240 m²
The place of a small terrace or garden at the backside             = ca.   85 m²
The big garden in front of the house                                         = ca. 455 m²
(to used later for a garden, garage, pool etc.)

The ground at all (registered private land)                                 = ca. 780 m²

The house is plastered inside and outside with natural HIBA. A pleasant climate in summer and winter is guaranteed
The walls are decorated with oriental motives.


Price: VB 2.500.000 LE

If you have other questions, contact us.